Dental insurance is provided through Delta Dental. Dental benefits are provided at no cost to employees and their covered dependents. The plan allows you the flexibility to choose your own dentist. The Authority’s coverage through Delta Dental’s PPO-Plus Premier plan has three (3) levels of providers:

  • Out-of-Network Providers: These providers do not participate with Delta. You will receive the same level of coverage (i.e., 100% reimbursement for Preventive Services, 80% for Basic Services, etc.) and their services are not discounted; these dentists may bill you for the balance.
  • Premier Providers: These providers have agreed to a nominal discount to their services, AND they have agreed not to bill participants for the balance. It is better to go to a Premier Provider than an Out-of-Network provider to get more out of your dental benefits.
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Providers: These providers have agreed to a steeper discount to acquire more patients, and they will also not bill patients for the balance. It is best to go to a PPO Provider to get the most out of your dental benefits.

Annual Maximum is reset every January 1st.

Dental Summary of Benefits Flyer

Dental Summary of Benefits Chart

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