Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is provided through Health Advocate at no cost to you. Our EAP has personal and professional resources that you and your family can use, whether you need help managing stress or managing relationships, taking care of your money, or taking care of yourself.

You can contact Health Advocate anytime 24/7 to speak with a caring, confidential consultant or go online for the wealth of information and various services available online. This service is completely confidential and self-directed issues are NOT reported to the Authority. You and each family member can get up to five (5) free face-to-face counseling sessions per incident/issue available through the Health Advocate EAP program.

Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (dCBT)

If you prefer to manage issues on your own, then the dCBT application may be an alternative to calling the EAP. Cognitive behavioral therapy is proven and effective for addressing emotional and behavioral issues by changing your thinking and habits. Health Advocate’s digital cognitive behavioral therapy (dCBT) program is an important self-paced tool you can use anytime, anywhere to improve your mental health.

The dCBT program offers practical resources and daily inspiration to help you make meaningful and lasting behavior change. Get started today!

Mental health flyer picture
dCBT Flyer

Core Advocacy Program

Do you have questions but don’t have time to research the answers or solutions? Are you receiving a bill for lab work or medical treatment and don’t understand why?  Do you need to see a specialist but don’t know which one will accept your coverage?

Health Advocate can help you with many of the issues that affect you each day.

Call Health Advocate at (866) 799-2728.

Video: Advocacy

Video: EAP + Work/Life

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